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With business contact through technology increasing, we know many hotels receive more RFP than phone inquiries.  We start this shop by submitting an RFP through your hotel website.  We will shop your hotel for the market and date you choose.  We will evaluate the sales effectiveness of the person selling by rating  29  points in the sales process including feedback on the RFP response process and a proposal that we ask for.  You will also receive a short evaluation of how the call is handled before it reaches the salesperson. 

Most meaningful will be shopper feedback that focuses on positive coaching and suggestions for improvement explained through best practices.  After the proposal is received, the salesperson will receive notification so the sales process stops.  Within 1 business day, you and the salesperson will receive a link to the recording and written evaluation. Click here to see a sample of these review questions. 

Shop will be completed within 30 days.  Upgrade to 48 hour turn around at check-out  if you need it sooner.

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