The person ordering the shop understands that the employee to be shopped acknowledges and hereby provides consent, without further notice or warning, related to the random calls that may be performed by management company staff or third-party vendors, also referred to as “shop calls,”  are periodically conducted and may be recorded.  

The shop calls are primarily designed as a tool through which employee strengths and developmental needs are identified.  Salespeople may receive written Sales Shop Call Reviews or access to recordings of their calls as determined solely by the Hotel’s owners or managers, at their sole discretion.  The information obtained during these calls may be used by the Hotel for group or individual training sessions to facilitate and improve performance.  

Although the shop calls are not designed for reprimand or dismissal purposes, in some instances, under certain circumstances, the shop call information may be used to support such action.  

Competition shop calls are not recorded and are used to gather market intelligence that is available to the general public.  Information is not intended to be used for setting pricing or establishing strategic plans with other hotels.

Candidate shops cannot be recorded.